About Us

Our Right Lines Welfare Society was established in year 2000 in the name of Sri Balachandra charitable trust, Coimbatore to help and support the poor and poorest people. We started with 10 members initially and right now crossed more than 1,10,000 members all over India. We are supporting for orphanage, blinds, Handicapped and Old age people.

We are conducting youth sports for students to encourage for their life. (i.e, T.shirts, Awards, Medals, etc). We have organized food and shelters for the people those who have suffered in Tsunami. Also we support the food and study materials for the poor students. We are conducting free medical aid camps for the village peoples frequently.

Our Vision

In the IT era, there are hardly any fields where computers are not used. Right Lines want to contribute to the total SATISFACTION to its esteemed CUSTOMERS by providing them with the high quality products.

Right Lines wants to make products highly reliable, affordable, & consistent which will serve the customers.

Right Lines cares for its customers & so serves them in right time, with right product of right quality. By enhancing consulting and other capabilities, we help more customers forward in every part of their businesses

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